Sunday, July 21, 2013


Enjoy the short story.
What you can do is: 
1. Read and learn the vocabulary items  > baca dan pelajari kosa kata baru
2. Read the story out loud > baca cerita dengan suara nyaring
3. Try to understand the story > coba pahami isi cerita
4.  Find what can you learn from the story > temukan apa yang bisa kamu pelajari dari cerita ini

XOXO - Ms. Vina


Kind       = baik
Obedient = penurut
Truthful = jujur
Unselfish = tidak egois
Forget, forgot, forgotten = lupa
Important = penting
Task = tugas
Decide, decide-d =memutuskan
Put =meletakkan
Dawn = fajar
Know,knew,known = mengetahui
Go,went,gone = pergi
Tears = air mata
Roll-ed down = bercucuran
Cry, cried = menangis
Pray, pray-ed = berdoa
Forgive, forgave, forgiven = memaafkan

Santa Claus Does Not Forget
by M.A. Haley

Bertie was a very good boy. He was kind, obedient, truthful, and unselfish. But, he had one great fault,—he always forgot.
No matter how important the task, his answer always was, "I forgot."
His father and mother talked about this problem and decided that they should do something  to make Bertie remember.
Christmas was near, and Bertie was busy making out a list of things which Santa Claus was to bring him.
"Santa Claus may forget some of those things," said his mother.
"He cannot," replied Bertie; " I want skates, and drum, and violin, and all the things on this paper. Then when Santa Claus goes to my stocking he will find the list. He can see it and put the things in as fast as he reads."

Christmas morning came, and Bertie was up at dawn to see what was in his stocking. His mother stay away from him as long as she could, for she knew what Santa Claus had done.

Bertie got surprised of what he found. No smile on his face as he went to find his mom.
In his hand, there’s  a list very much longer than the one he had made out. "See what Santa Claus left for me...” His tears rolled down.
His mother opened the roll. It was a list of all Bertie tasks had been asked to do for six months. At the end of all was written, in capitals, "I FORGOT." Bertie cried for an hour.
“Let’s go to grandpa’s house. Let’s pray something good will happen there.” his mother mother said.
It was very strange to Bertie, but on grandpa's tree, he found everything he had written on his list. Was he forgiven for his bad habit?
 “I won’t forget to do my task again, then..." he said when his mother came sitting next to him. She smiled gently and replied  “Remember, Santa Claus does not forget.”


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